Hi to whomever has a great heart, 

   I met Siyarra back on June 19, 2015 and it was love at first site. I have devoted my life to this wonderful woman. I want to sit here and talk on and on about how much I love her but id rather not bore anyone. I recently lost my job out of nowhere, spent almost all the money I had on her engagement ring because I assumed I would be able to continue after the ring giving to plan for the wedding. I just got another job but will be making significantly less. I have told her but she still wants a nice wedding. All I want is for her to be happy and was seeking anyone with open arms to see if they would love to be a part of making it happen. I will personally send thank you cards to each and every person out there big or small. I am a very educated and mind driven individual going through hard times and just looking for help or guidance. If u can't donate please if you have any resources or guidance feel free to pass that along as well. Thank you everyone. Thank you. Can't express it enough thank you. The biggest thing about this all is she will be also "marrying" my two beautiful kids as well. They love her to death. Anyone that donates will also be invited to the wedding most definitely if you want to provide your address. Thanks again! 

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